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Mark Richards

Watch where you park

Watch where you park
Posted April 11th, 2014 @ 11:01am

A fire broke out in an apartment building in Boston the other night, and as firefighters arrived on the scene they found a car, a BMW no less, parked in front of a hydrant across the street.  With little alternative to get at the hydrant, and get water on the fire, take a look at what the firefighters ended up doing...

Yup, they broke the windows in the Beemer, and dragged the hose through it.  According to officials, fire hoses work best and maintain optimum water pressure when they can be directed straight from the water source.  So you see, there's a reason why parking in front of a hydrant is illegal.

By the way, the 8-alarm blaze forced 7 families from the building where the fire was.  No word on injuries or on what the BMW owner said when he saw his car. 

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