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We've heard all of the cures for a of the dog, greasy food...Well, it turns out those aren't good ideas for a hangover, in fact they are things you should avoid. Here's the list of what you should NOT put in your body when your body hates you the next day.

More Alcohol - A bloody mary might sound good at first and in the beginning it does make you feel a little better. I mean, it numbs the pain. However, in the long run, you're gonna feel crappier. Imagine your hangover times 2 the next morning!

Breakfast Sandwiches - You might think this will help soak up the alcohol, but you're wrong. Alcohol is processed the same way fat is, so when you eat sausage, greasy eggs, and ham, your body just can't keep up and the hangover lasts longer.

Tons of Meat - It's a bad idea especially if you have a headache. You need to get some carbs in you.

Coffee - The caffiene isn't a bad idea if you're only going to have a cup or two. But if you plan on drinking a whole pot, plan on feeling like a pile of turds. It'll just deydrate you.

Bottom line - you need to get your body back in balance. So water is always a good choice to rehydrate you AND eating somewhat healthy isn't a bad idea either. I'm a fan of banannas when I'm totally hung.





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