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Abby Rhodes

Grilling For the Poor Man


When you have zero dollars (hello, that's me) but you still wanna grill out (yep, me again) here are some ways you can still do it, minus the expensive-ness (is that a word?) of steak and still look like a champ to your friends.

Breads are delish on the grill! Throw on some garlic toast, add tomatoes, olive oil, and vinegar to make an easy bruschetta.

Veggie slices always taste better on the grill. Take your pick: zucchini, summer squash, and corn taste fancy when grilled, but are way cheap.

One way to keep it on the cheap side is to make your own barbecue sauce or salsa. A lot of times is cheaper to buy the ingredients and make it instead of buying some name brand stuff...pluss it makes you look super sophisticated.

Fruit ont he grill is a must for dessert! Pineapple is probs my favey, but peaches, apricots, and bananas work just as well!







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